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For the past 25 years, lawyer and estate planning expert Lieutenant Colonel Elain Andrews, JD, USAR has helped thousands of families protect their assets through thoughtful estate planning and her very public mission to ensure that both veterans and civilians are informed and protected when it comes to preserving their property and rights. Andrews’ most recent book, Fifty Excuses (Not) To Do Bulletproof Estate Planning - Excuses That Might Just Cost You Everything, highlights the importance of a sound estate plan for almost every American.  

“My mission is to make sure that people understand the consequences of not having a well executed estate plan,” says Andrews. “If you read the recent headlines about Prince, Sumner Redstone and the Frank Zappa Estate, then you see why a bulletproof estate plan is so important. Nobody wants to have their loved ones fight over their estate or unfairly take control of your decision making ability if something should happen to you. I hope my book will help people avoid these sometimes tragic but always costly mistakes.”

When not practicing estate law at her Northern California based law firm, Lieutenant Colonel Andrews recently retired after serving 23 years in the US Army Reserves. During her military career, Andrews served as an officer in psychological operations and later as company commander of a military intelligence battalion specializing in counter intelligence. The last seven years Andrews served as a staff officer in a Special Forces battalion of the Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps. 

12 Reasons to Have a Quality Estate Plan

Reason #1 - You Want To Avoid A Conservatorship (a legal guardian or protector makes decisions for you) So That You Can Continue to Make Your Own Personal Decisions

Unless you already have what I call a “bulletproof” estate plan in place you could end up with an unwanted conservatorship of your person (meaning that someone else now has the ability to make decisions for you concerning your own physical body). This is a situation in which a probate court judge has appointed someone else to make all your legal decisions. 

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Elain's new book will turn all your ideas about estate planning upside down.

It examines the 50 most popular excuses for why most people don't do high quality estate planning that is designed to keep them out of court and prevent the loss of their assets and civil liberties. She highlights the most common instances of misinformation, incorrect assumptions, innocent misunderstandings, unhelpful attitudes and misguided fears that can undermine your willingness to do expertly-prepared estate planning that can protect you and your estate both during and after your life.

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Bulletproof Estate Planning

Do you really understand what estate planning is all about?

Practically everyone needs an estate plan that is specific and clear but not so rigid that it ends up being debated in court. A"bulletproof" estate plan is a critical tool for your arsenal of personal protections and a state certified estate planning attorney specialist is essential to protect your physical person, your personal rights and your hard-earned money.

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What readers are saying about
Elain's new book!

Fifty Excuses (Not) To Do
Bulletproof Estate Planning
Excuses That Just Might Cost You Everything

"Elain Andrews clearly understands both human nature and the complexities of estate planning. She has produced a wonderfully readable and insightful book that is a 'must read' for all who want to effectively provide for themselves, their family and their loved ones."
-- C. L. Mathews

"Very concise and to the point. An easy read with powerful life-changing information. A must-read for anyone planning the future of their estate! Shocking information on the potential con game of conservatorships."
-- J. Grimwood